Two Masonic Motorcycle Associations

Victorian Masonic Motorcycle Association Inc.

Mission Statement

Our goals and objectives are simple:

“to actively pursue the tenets of freemasonry by uniting motorcycle riders from all parts of society whilst raising the profile of motorcyclists and freemasonry via charitable and social means”


National Masonic Motorcycle Association of Australia

The MMAA web site no longer exists.

The MMAA Blog can be accessed by clicking here.

* The Masonic Motorcycle Association of Australia is quite simply a social motorcycle-riding club.

* Established on the 1-01-2001 by Bro Michael Lampadarios M.M. of Lodge Wyong / Tuggerah Lakes #247 and sponsored by same Lodge

* We are a non-brand specific riding club so no matter what brand of motorcycle you ride (minimum 250cc), so long as you are a Mason in good standing (AF&AM or F&AM) you are welcome as a member.

* We also have associate membership open to non-Masons, subject to a vote of our active members. We are an Australian based group of independent Masons who have joined together to simply share the thrill of riding with other members of our fraternity, family and friends.

* We do not intend to speak for or represent any Masonic body. We simply want to share our passion for riding with all other Masons who reciprocate that ideology

* We are not territorial and do not condone illegal activities by our members. All we ask is that our members act in a way that will reflect well on our club, our Fraternity and motorcycling in general.

* We wear a breast patch comprised of a ‘Square & Compasses’ and the words "Masonic Motorcycle Association of Australia", and below it we display the name of our local Chapter to denote our personal fraternal affiliation.

* Our regalia allow other clubs to know who we are and where we are from. We wear the name of our Chapter simply to identify where we are from not to claim any territory

* We strive to be friends and on good terms with ALL other clubs and riders with whom we share the road.

* We understand there are clubs that have been around for many years and we respect that totally!

* We realize we are able to enjoy many of our riding freedoms thanks to the many clubs and riders that have been ‘in the wind’ before us.

* We do not take sides or involve ourselves in other clubs politics.

* Many of our members may also be members of other motorcycle clubs and associations.

If any prospective members or other clubs have any questions or would like more information about the Masonic Motorcycle Association of Australia we encourage them to contact us, we look forward to working with everyone in the motorcycling community to protect all our rights.


Michael Lampadarios National President on




Postal Address:

P.O. Box 4096, Bay Village NSW 2261