Question on Monash Lodge UGLV


"To whom it may concern.

With respect you may want to check your list of Lodges and their respective numbers. In particular see 853 Monash and 938 Monash. Both are shown in black type and have no notes attached. Do we have two Lodges both named Monash?"

Fraternally yours

kind regards

Bro Len G MM Lodge of Australia Felix #1"


Hi Bro Len.

I did some digging for you.

Monash Lodge No. 938 – is an active Warrant - Date of Consecration 14/07/2012 - it is an amalgamation of Lodge Dignity 866, Mount Waverley Lodge 801 and Syndal Lodge 822

Monash No 853 is not active. It returned it's warrant to merge with Achievement 825 becoming Monash-Achievement Lodge No 825. That Lodge folded in 1994.

Hope that helps.

Fraternal regards