Andy & the Trail Riders Association. 47 Years a Member.

The Trail Riders of Victoria Inc (TRV) was formed in 1930 predominately by Light Horsemen from the 1st World War and city businessmen who had attended the 1st High Plains Trail ride conducted by the Victorian Government Tourist Bureau in December 1928/January 1929. The ride consisted of about 30 riders with 60 horses including packhorses. The TRV is the longest running trail riding club in Australia and Andy was a member of it for 47 years.

Andy often spoke of the Club at Masonic Functions. For many years he maintained his RTV membership without attending, saying he believed strongly in the Club’s purpose and supporting it by paying his annual dues. He drew a parallel with men who likewise are proud Freemasons but don’t attend lodge. He also said once he retired, he intended to get more involved and this indeed he did, joining the Committee and looking after the Association’s web site.

Brain Coghlan, the President of the Association says over the last ten years Andy has been a regular attendee at their dinners sometimes accompanied by our own Tyler, Mark.

Andy joined in 1968 and was a continuous financial member. Andy never owned a horse but it was common to hire them and he used to hire his from a man called Chester Wallace at Broadford. His favourite horse was called Rabbit.

In 1978, when the national trail opened - Andy rode it and got a medal for doing so. Andy gave the medal to Brian who he'd spoke to only about 3 weeks before Andy’s death. Andy's last ride is in dispute, but Brian thinks it was in 1984. Brian further says Andy was always one of the first blokes to pay his dues (not sure he was that good at lodge!). After retiring from work, in 2011 Andy joined the Committee and in the 18 years Brian has been around, Andy was always the scrutineer for votes at the AGM for the election of officers.

The TRV was well represented at Andy’s funeral. Their next dinner with be in tribute to Andy.

Their web site is here.