The Blessings of Affluence and Generosity

Something an associate recently said struck a chord with me. While discussing a downturn in revenues in his business - I noted that he was still generously financially supporting many community endeavours. His response was that it was really important to him that he supported the local community in which he both lives and operates his business. He quietly and consistently continued his charitable support.

How many times do you hear the statement "Well, he can afford it" about someone who gives financial support to individuals and organisations? Too often. Indeed my friend probably could not "afford it" - but he was willing to "tighten his belt" in order to continue to help others.

Recipients of his generosity generally made the mistake of confusing his philanthropy for an affluence that in fact he did not enjoy. Many did not even to thank him, dismissing his generosity with "Well, he can afford it". While many people give without the expectation of thanks or acknowledgment, unfortunately their efforts and sacrifice can be missed by those who assume that they suffer no detriment but only give their "spare change" even when the apparent "spare change" is tens of thousands of dollars.

Taking people for granted can be so easy, but it can also be very hurtful.