2020-22 Constitutional Convention for Freemasons in Victoria

Drafting a revised provisional constitution has seen development of the below document since October 2019 and there has been considerable interest in this matter.

The draft was written by a “Constitutional Reform Group” mainly with online communications: a “virtual Constitutional Convention”. Input has been extensive and the document revised numerous times accordingly. The current draft, dated February 2021, is being considered widely and it is expected some time might elapse prior to any future revision is published. Feedback has been critical to its development. The developers of this document feel that they have gone as far as they currently can without further substantial input. We thank the many who have offered their comment and positive thoughts on the draft, with many suggestions having been considered, and many included within the current draft.

You are invited to join this Group online using this email address: constitutionalconvention352@gmail.com , and write to Bro Convener.

The Group sees its objective to refocus our attention on the objectives of Freemasonry, provide the management arrangements needed in today’s situation and provide a document that ensures the rights of all members of the UGLV, as they see it, the ones that pay the bills.

Kind regards

The Constitutional Reform Group

Constitution test scoring - proforma.xlsx