Photographs - Lodge Devotion in the 1960's from The Stonehouse Papers

Within The Stonehouse Papers, were photographs taken in the 1960's of Lodge Devotion members.

Above VWBro Alexander George Stonehouse PGIW who was Master at Lodge Devotion 1969-69. He is seated in our Master's Chair

Above VWBro Alexander George Stonehouse PGIW who was Master at Lodge Devotion 1969-69. He is standing before the pedistal at the Collingwood Masonic Centre. Bro "Alex" has a living daughter who has written a biography of her father, and two sons, both Freemasons. The "Stonehouse Papers" were donated by Alex's son Rick, for which we are very grateful.

Above is a significant photo of Lodge Devotion members taken as the newly installed WM, WBro Alex Stonehouse, leaves the lodge room on 23 August 1968.

To the far left is Assistant Director “WBro” Ron Neilson who remains a member of Lodge Devotion, Ron is believed to be 97 years old and resides in a nursing home. Ron was Master four times, in 1962, 1985, 1988, & 1989. Today, Ron is a RWBro and holds the rank of Past Junior Grand Warden or PJGW. Next, SD is George Haynes who was Master in 1971/2 Secretary of Devotion 1993-2003 and died in office. Under the wands is Alex, JD is Bro W E Jenkins who would be Installed as Master in 1972. We do not yet know Bro Jenkins first and second name. The DC is WBro Frank Deveney, Master in 1959 & 1974 and also Lecture Master of Abbotsford Lodge of Instruction and ran a Deacon School at Gipps St every Sunday. He was very well known during his time – many older Freemasons recall him. Brother Deveney’s Past Master’s Jewel is now our IPM Perpetual Jewel and a great treasure.

Above: RWBro Peter Hamilton, PM of Woodland Lodge No 529 advises, left to right are; WBro George Cooper (Phoenix Lodge 401), next is VW Bro Frank Douglas PGIW who was Woodland's Choirmaster in 1975, drinking from cup is WBro Frank A Deveney.

Members of Lodge Devotion with Visitors in the South, possibly in August 1968... fifty years before the year this image was posted on our web site (2018).