Circulating in the South

("The South" is the name given by local Freemasons to their dinner following their Lodge meeting).

It was interesting watching members at our September meeting in the pub. I snapped the picture to the right later in the night as I wandered off to the bar, I noticed three groups of two in deep conversation. Caught at the bar for a while, I returned to see members had moved into two groups of three, likewise in deep conversation. My return soon saw the group come back together as a whole. It was all very natural and spontaneous.

We have many Master’s of circulation at Devotion who move about the South over the course of the evening. I wonder if you have ever noticed ? The Brothers Russell seem particular Grand Masters of this, moving about the room, catching up with Brothers and I especially like that as they do that, you hear the constant encouragement they give, especially to Brothers who have stretched themselves by giving a Charge or performing an Office.

An important concept in Freemasonry is observing positive behaviours in others and emulating them. It’s great to see how members of Lodge Devotion make an effort to engage with more than just the people they first sit next to when the South begins, but move about the room catching up with as many as they can.

Do you do this when at Lodge ?