Advice on a masonic brother at the Gate

Devotion News No 67, March - April 2012.

Letter from Hiram Abiff

Dear WBro Damien

As you know, St Peter is in charge of the Gate up here. He and I have some cultural differences, he being Roman influenced and you know my background. However, he has a problem the other day and wanted some advice on what to do with a masonic brother who was at the Gate.

I have some problems with those who try to advance their credentials up here by saying that they are in all the Christian Orders. St Peter has some problems too because his connections advise him that few never attend Mass or demonstrate the Faith Hope and Charity that is expected. They seem to join all these Orders like some would join a club in every football, racing, cricket and tennis code then claim to be sportsmen.

The problem this time was someone from you Constitution who claimed to be a Companion of the Noble Order of Monte Cristo that I understand is being formed in Victoria. Membership is by invitation only and that is only extended to Freemasons who are members of every other Order in Freemasonry including the Royal Order of Zorro, one that you have publicised in earlier editions of your Newsletter. (Editor’s Note - See Devotion News Edition No 36. )

I understand that the grades in the Order follow the story of its hero, the Count – his imprisonment, escape, the treasure, his rise to nobility and the retribution. The issue is if we let him through the Gate. The costume or regalia that he is wearing are a remarkable sight. I have it on good authority that he is an excellent ritualist but has poor social skills and no genuine love of his fellow man.

What should I recommend? How many more of these odd Orders do you have? For my part I cannot see why anything more is needed than the teachings in the Craft. Your advice would be appreciated.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

Hiram Abiff PGM

Heavenly Abodes Above