Cleaning Masonic Aprons

Good afternoon Brethren,

My wife, Beryl, in her Kitchen Library, has a book: Martha Gardener’s Book; Everyone’s Household Help - full of useful tips for the home and garden. Martha Gardener was the pseudonym for Kathleen Zoe Worrall; her husband, David Worrall, was the manager of Radio 3DB back in the 30’s and 40’s.

Martha was a doyen in her day in giving useful tips for the home and garden on radio and early TV.

Beryl came across the below which you might find useful - cleaning a Masonic apron.

Regards, Bro John H

(Disclaimer – we are yet to try this – I would only do so on an apron which could be thrown out if unsuccessful. If anyone tries it – let us know the results !)