Past Masters of Lodge Devotion

We are currently researching in which year(s) each of these Brothers served as Masters of Lodge Devotion. If you have any information on that, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Masonic Ranks of the Brothers in our Past Master's list is the rank they currently hold, or held at the time of death; when known.

WBro G A White

WBro J B Eatoch

WBro L W Fletcher PGSwdB

RWBro Dr W D Fairlie PSGW

WBro A H Dutton

WBro A J Martin PGSwdB

RWBro R F Fletcher PSGW

WBro F A Deveney PJGD (twice)

WBro E W Barker

WBro J A Marriage

WBro A C Scott

VWBro J R Neilsen  PGIWkgs (4 times)

WBro A H Nottle PSGD (twice)

WBro T A Clarke

WBro F Dietrich

WBro L J Whitting

VWBro A G Stonehouse PGIW


RWBro I S Dunlop JP PJGW

WBro F G Haynes PJGD

WBro W E Jenkinson

WBro V Glaser

WBro E T Hiscock

WBro R G Vinecombe (twice)

WBro A J Kemp

WBro K E Nash

WBro T H Stork

WBro D F Jan

WBro P J Allen

WBro T R Sharp PJGD

WBro G T Elward

VWBro A E McKay JP PGIWkgs (4 times)

WBro G B Parker

WBro R R Vervolet (twice)

WBro J B Grossett (twice)

WBro E Rapinet

WBro J R Irving (twice)

WBro B Barlow-Barker

WBro A H F Nichols

VWBro N A Pritchard PGIWkgs

WBro C M McKay

WBro Bro M J Conlon

WBro S R Paterson (twice)

RWBro D E Paterson PJGW

WBro D L J Hudson (twice)

WBro A Buchanan

WBro A Muradyan (twice)

WBro M G Halstead-Lyons

WBro C C Farrington

WBro J A Mercer

WBro A E Russell

WBro S R Shakespeare

WBro J H Tobin

WBro R I McKay