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"There are two powerful and constant factors at Devotion; optimism and harmony."

I have heard Devotion members use diverse phrases to describe our Lodge. Phrases like "the Lodge for the young and young at heart", "the thinking man's lodge", "our fraternity", "my brothers", " a social and most welcoming lodge", "a lodge with real heart" and "The Devotion Family". All these are true.

If you're reading this page and wondering what a lodge is, simply, is it a collective noun for a group of Freemasons who meet under the auspices of a Grand Lodge that issues a Warrant for them to do so, and most importantly - to initiate men into the Fraternity.

There are some 340 Masonic Lodges in Victoria (and many more related groups) who are all members of the strong global fraternity of Freemasons.

Members of Devotion can travel to many many countries and share the brotherhood of Freemasonry with "strangers" who will receive, welcome, respect them as Brothers. The Bond of Brotherhood through Freemasonry is like no other I know or have observed. Indeed many "in the know" say it is the closest thing in civilian life to the strong bond that military men form under fire. I can't speak personally to that, but I can tell it is nothing like I have experienced and enjoyed before. Becoming a Freemason at Devotion was one of the best personal decisions I have ever made. It led to a most particular path of education, contemplation, personal growth and some of the strongest friendships I have.

There are many many sites on the web that attempt to explain this bond and our organisation. I am not going to do that here, but if you want some easy and brief indication of what Freemasonry is about, you can click here. Like any of life's powerful experiences, it is only through experiencing it for yourself that you hope to understand it. Indeed Freemasonry, the journey of each Freemason through his life, should be a constant path of self-discovery and improvement while showing respect and consideration to others. A Progressive Science.

Devotion members vigorously practise the tenets of Freemasonry; Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. Freemasonry requires us to approach each other as equals and act with integrity. To value a man (and woman) for their character, not their status, nor bank balance, religious and political beliefs, profession, address nor circumstances. At Devotion I feel we hold those tenets dear and we should always remember them.

In that context, in the context of Freemasonry, we share fellowship with our members and their families. Many Lodges have a focus on family, but currently Devotion plans its calendar keeping in mind we are a men's organisation who enjoy a rare opportunity in the modern world for male fellowship and mutual support. But if you're enthusiastically thinking we are like a footy club or some antiquated exclusive men's organisation, I respectfully suggest Freemasonry and Devotion is probably not for you.

At the core of Freemasonry is a long history of bringing diverse men together putting difference aside. Freemasonry recognizes what unites rather than what divides. Historically, a Masonic Lodge was one of the few places in many societies where differences were put aside and men who otherwise might not met, or be able to meet, or indeed be opposed to each other, united in Brotherhood. This even transcended times of war where Brothers from opposing sides met in brotherhood under flags of truce. This is echoed today in Devotion’s diverse membership. Our youngest member is twenty-two, our oldest in his eighties. We welcome those from diverse professions, traditions, economic and social circumstances but accept men for their good character and their willingness to strive to live the tenets of Freemasonry and be better human beings.

There are two powerful and constant factors at Devotion; optimism and harmony.

Some Freemasons lament that we are not what we were when Freemasonry was a larger organisation. However with 14,000 members in Victoria, and over 50,000 Australian Freemasons, we are still a relevant and sizable organisation. And I can tell you Freemasonry is still as powerful and potent as it was in the past, because of values of Freemasonry are just as important as they were upon the Foundation of the first modern Grand Lodge in 1717 or the formation in Melbourne of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria in 1890.

Devotion is currently in an exciting phase of growing our lodge while retaining the strengths of a small, optimistic, committed, and harmonious group of diverse men which offer the opportunity to meet as equals and part on the square.

Whether an you are unaffiliated Freemason or someone who would like to become a Brother, I strongly recommend you contact us about joining the Devotion Family.


Worshipful Master 2009-2010 & 2010-2011.

Current WebMaster

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