Master's Message - Dreams of Ambition & Funrun, Oct 2012

I took this approach just on Sunday. Being somewhat of an avid fitness type I decided to enter into my first "Funrun". An ambition of mine is to keep as healthy and fit as possible as I get older for without that we become reliant on the receiving rather than the giving.

Interestingly, people always ask what’s so fun about a "Funrun" especially when it comes to great distances such as Sunday’s 15 Km run (Oct 28, 2012) that was held along Melbourne’s beautiful Yarra River. It's not the aspect of the run and the time one completes such activities in. What it truly is, is the giving back to the community for in this case the race organisers were partnered with the Heart Foundation. So a large amount of entry money goes back to a good cause.

In Freemasonry we speak of community work or the "giving" back to the community. This event to me and possibly to many of our readers, locally and globally may do the same as other charitable works - to find our own solace.

On another note, both W.Bro Sect Don and I would formally like to thank the members of Lodge Ivalda for their hospitality whilst we had the opportunity to visit and watch the Installation of a Worshipful Master.

Also from all the members of Lodge Devotion congratulations to our two newest Fellowcrafts; Bro Stuart and Bro Stavro. Fraternal regards to you both.

As I sign off for another month remember, the only secret is to care. May you live upon the level and part upon the square. Have a fantastic month and for those wondering I completed the 15 km run with a time of 1hr 18 mins. I'll be off to another 15km run at the end of November.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Aret , WM

From Aret, WM Lodge Devotion 723 (2012-13)

In all our pursuits in life, we must keep focused on the passion and excitement with which we started. As with generations in the past, the young become the old. We start acting like those we looked up to or those we dislike. It is such a slow change we don’t realise it. What are your “Dreams of Ambition?”