A simple system you made complicated!

Devotion News No 92, Sept - Oct 2014.

Dear Worshipful Brother Damien

טקסט ברכות אחוה or should I say fraternal greetings.

I think it would be fair to say that your Freemasonry is based on the practice that I knew before my time was cut short by those ruffians and let me say none of them have ended up here despite St Peter since he erected what some call his toll gate. However, we had under my Grand Master, King Solomon, a simple system and it seems to have been made complicated in your Constitution.

We just had one lodge, our Grand Lodge, and I do not think that you will find any evidence of a plethora of Craft lodges as you call them. You have your amicus curiae and that should be sufficient to continue to fill your leadership positions. If you read its website (we get it here and it is managed by Scribe Ezra) you will see it was consecrated because everyone else was hopeless. So why bother with all your other Craft lodges?

You would not need any Masonic Centers to fund and manage and consider the capital to be realized when the sites are sold. Important decisions could still be made at the banquets between courses or while waiting at the bathroom door. You would not have to go through that tedious business of trying to get general fraternal support for policies from a lot of ignorant plebs and עבדים. A large administrative staff could still be kept, you even might want to increase the numbers and there would be nobody to complain, but there would be less administration. There would be no need to finalize that masonic centre consecration service ritual because they would all be gone. You would not have to put up with poor ritual anymore. There would be nobody who would be impertinent and ask why your superiors are right all the time. Fraternal affairs could be out-sourced to Lions, Apex, Rotary and other non-sectarian organistions. Nothing would stop Grand Lodge ceremonies being conducted or expensive overseas representational trips. It is hard to see a downside.

We built the Temple with a more simple structure than you have now.

Just a suggestion.

Shalom Aleichem