Masonic Dinner Gong

From WBro Damien, Lodge Devotion

Several years ago, in the back of a cupboard and gathering dust, I discovered the dinner gong shown to the left. It has not been used at Lodge Devotion since I have been a member, but for the first time it since I’ve been around, it rang out over the members of Lodge Devotion at our Table Lodge to call the brethren to silence. It was generally effective. Unlike our WM gavel, made of wood, the gong survived the night. It might not be a Baal’s Square, but we still think it is a great relic.It was presented to Lodge Devotion by WBro Victor Glaser on the 24th August 1973 back when we used to meet on a Friday night. That was the night that WBro Glaser was Installed as the Master of Lodge Devotion. Some years ago, Lodge Devotion made the unusual move of changing its meeting night. Often Lodges meet on the same day for Centuries (ie "the fourth Friday" or "The Second Monday") but we altered our meeting night in response to the needs of our members. We used to meet on the fourth Friday but now meet on the second Thursday.