Master's Message - Can Do attitude, March 2015


Greetings and best wishes for the New Year and may each of you savour the opportunities and overcome the challenges that 2015 will provide.

This year has seen Lodge Devotion get off to a very good start indeed and our February meeting was probably the most successful and enjoyable meeting I have attended for quite a while. Everything was looking good for a great 3rd degree ceremony. We undertook rehearsal, everyone studied their charges and everything was looking good. However, due to work and health factors on the actual night a number of our members; who were expected to perform key ceremonial roles; fell ill at the last minute and were unable to attend and we were unsure whether we would even be able to perform the ceremony.

At some Lodges this would be considered an unsurmountable challenge and the work would need to be rescheduled to another meeting. However, here at Lodge Devotion we considered this an opportunity to turn a potential defeat into solid success and the 3rd degree ceremony was performed to a very high standard indeed! A number of those who attended commented that the ceremony was performed to an outstanding standard !

I have been a Freemason for 31 years and attended many Lodge meetings but it is this positive “can do attitude” and “spirit of encouragement and enthusiasm” that keeps me at Lodge Devotion. As my year as Worshipful Master moves into the second half I will do my very best to ensure that Lodge Devotion maintains this positive, vibrant and enthusiastic culture and savours the opportunities and overcomes all the challenges that 2015 will provide.

Yours Fraternally


Worshipful Master – Lodge Devotion, 2014/15