Lodge Devotion’s Foundation Square and Compasses

While laying out the lodge for the August 2016 Installation of Jordan Mercer, the Square and Compasses we usually use were nowhere to be found. Delving into the back of the cupboard, I found another set which was used atop of our VSL for the meeting. It was etched and not new, an alloy of some sort but not silver. Interested, I turned it over and found an inscription but was very surprised to discover it is a presumably our Foundation Square and Compass, it certainly carries the date that Lodge Devotion was consecrated. The left and right angle of the square are engraved on the rear.The rear left extension forming the square reads “Presented to LODGE DEVOTION NO 723 by WOR BRO F. J. RICE” and on right extension of the square “FOUNDATION TREASURER 20-8-52”. The left also carries the stamp “REGALIA SUPPLIERS MELBOURNE”.

We know little of Devotion’s early history, such as why our Founders chose “Lodge Devotion” as the lodge’s name, but discovering the Lodge has this set of Square and Compasses was a bit of a revelation.. It is fair to say it is an important artefact of the Lodge; only recently discovered.

United Grand Lodge holds a history file on each Lodge and Devotion is no exception. I’ve inspected it before, and recently did again, but with mobile phone camera’s being so good, this time I emerged with photographs of most material in the file. More on that in the future.

According to a document obtained from the Grand Lodge Library, “Principal Officers of the Proposed Lodge Devotion at Abbotsford”, WBro Frank Joy Rice, PM was initiated into Lord Carrington Lodge 111 on 26/5/1924, raised in the same lodge on 25/5/1925 and he had held positions including auditor and Director of Ceremonies and at the time the document was comprised, was then the Treasurer in Napier Lodge 384. At the Dinner to celebrate the Consecration of Lodge Devotion, he was given the honour of proposing the toast to the visitors.

Any further information on this Foundation Member of Lodge Devotion, and the life of this man who donated our Foundation Square and Compasses would be appreciated. Please contact us.

Lodge Devotion Foundation Square