Antipasto Platter

by Kate

Let me introduce myself. Clearly I am not a Freemason, in fact I am a mother of twin girls; a Melbourne girl now calling Brisbane home. But I do have masonic connections. My late father was a Freemason and I am related to several members of Lodge Devotion. I have been invited to write this column for the Devotion Newsletter.

I grew up in a family of foodies – not professional chefs but a family where enjoying a meal together, entertaining friends, and experimenting with food was just part of family life.

I think we sometimes forget that home cooked food, shared with family and friends, and made from good fresh ingredients is an essential part of family life.

Of course we are seeing the consequences of this lost family tradition with the growth in fast food, escalating obesity and so on - and all the media hype gets a bit confusing. I want to share a few simple ideas about food and family with you over

my next few articles.

Invite a few other Freemasons around and try this, with a bottle of wine of course:

Antipasto Platter

Choose a large platter and place each item below in a section of the platter. When arranging try to position red against green or black. Serve with bread and butter plates and large paper napkins.