Masonic Buildings - Articles, Editorials and Histories

This passion is seeing an increasing number of articles written and now warrants a separate section on our web site - allowing easy reference for Freemasons following our journey and drawing lessons from our successful management of the Collingwood Masonic Cenrre.

The Editor of Devotion News (who is also the webmaster) and many members of Lodge Devotion clearly recognize the important Heritage and Legacy that Masonic Buildings hold for the Freemasons of both today and tomorrow - and the wider communities in which we meet and live.Together with Freemasons from other Lodges meeting at our Centre, Devotion Members work hard to preserve and improve our building and lament unnecessarily sales and the decay of Masonic Centers, not just in Victoria, but Nationally and Internationally.

Collingwood Masonic Centre

Lodge Devotion meets at the Collingwood Masonic Centre.

This has it's own section on the web site, to see it

This secion has two subsections - opinion pieces on managing and considering masonic buildings and another on specific buildings of note.