Are You a Good Ambassador for Freemasonry?

From WBro Damien from Lodge Devotion.

Every man who becomes identified as a Freemason becomes an important ambassador for the Craft. You are often the only Freemason a person will know, especially “outsiders” beyond our family and friends. All who come into contact with a Freemason are likely to judge our Fraternity by your conduct. Creating a good impression in what you say or do promotes the Crafts’ position and respect in Society. Every time you behaviour poorly, or even just in a lacklustre fashion, you do the Craft an injustice.

When you are rude to a hirer of a Masonic Centre – you hurt the Craft.

When you fail to do the correct thing in your business or private life – you hurt the Craft.

When you’re evasive or vague in answering questions about Freemasonry – you potentially create suspicion and you do a disservice to the Craft, just like when you jokingly talk about goats, controlling the world or devil worship – you promote such fallacies. Please stop and always be conscious of the impression you are creating.

If you cut someone off in your car with a square and compass showing in the rear window, you create a bad impression of Freemasons.

When you fail to make a strong effort to welcome family and friends at social functions and serve their needs and offer good hospitality, you do disservice to the Craft

Every interaction with others presents an opportunity to create a favourable impression of you as an individual and Freemasonry.

This means your courtesy, honesty, generosity, concern, and fairness towards others can make such actions synonymous with men who are Freemasons – as it should be.

In the first Degree we are charged with becoming “an ornament” to the Craft and to “never disgrace” Freemasonry. Freemasonry challenges us to be better men – are you daily rising to this challenge ? I know I sometimes fail, but every new day is a change to do better on the last. As a Freemason – that’s your vocation in life, to improve yourself and the world we live in.

As a manager of two Masonic Centers, I often hear of the public’s impression of Freemasons. Mostly, it’s good. Tales of helpers assisting to unload cars or move furniture. Lodges offering to feed people who look through the hall – I remember Kring embracing a Dutch speaking hirer, giving them Dutch lollies, offering them a meal – those people will never forget the warm welcome extended to them and associate it with our Brotherhood.

But I also hear of grumpy unhelpful men. They are rare but I fear the impression they leave endures and can cancel out all the good work of others. I just got off the phone to a supplier who sent a bill to a rude lodge secretary rather than to the Temple Trust. I think I undid his bad work, but how much better would it have been to reinforce a good impression rather than countering a bad one? It’s so simple, but so important. Compare you behaviour to a smooth and rough ashlar, do you need to change ? All Freemasons do, even the best of us for none are perfect. Strive to be the best man and Freemason you can be every day of your life, but also remember, in being a Freemason, you have a responsibly to act like one at all times.