Australian War Museum - Colonial Guns

Above; Armstrong Gun, The Colony of Victoria purchased three of these guns in 1864. This gun is believed to be used in a half battery privately owned by Andrew Churnside, the squire of Werribee Park where Werribee Mansion now stands. Sir William Clarke of Rupetswood also had a half battery at Sunbury.

Introduced in the 1880’s, Nordenfelt machine guns were mounted aboard vessels of several Colonial Navies.

Most Colonial forces also used them mounted on carriages.

Above; German made 5mm light field gun captured by NSW mounted Rifles at Rensburg Drift on 27 Oct 1900. “General Knox had asked for permission for the NSW men to take their captured gun back to Sydney. It is a fine specimen of Krupps best 12-pounder. Truly a grand trophy for the brave lads..”Capt Watson of the NSW Mounted Rifles