Freemasonry needs to be more than just going to Lodge

From WBro Damien of Lodge Devotion

I always say the best working tool of a Freemason is not the Square, Level or Compasses, it’s the telephone… closely followed by email.

With study, shift-work, and children, we don’t see as much of WBro A.M. at Devotion as we might like, but we do keep in contact via phone. This is true of several other members rightly living by the maxim “Family, Work, and then Freemasonry”. Talking to A.M. last Saturday, he spontaneously invited me to the Essendon vrs Richmond game at the MCG. Busy, I hesitated and said I would call him back, but thought a break and catchup would be good, so off we went. The game was good, but I really don’t care, going to the football was about being with a friend. Still, it would have been nice if Essendon won… but we are not seeing too much of that this year !

I always say the engine of a lodge is Friendship. Official Lodge functions are great, but watching the football, having a beer or meal or just catching up on the phone helps build the friendships which make a lodge strong. It’s one of the reasons our social/ritual trip away is good. It not only puts us in the same place at the same time for more than a few hours, it also allows our ladies and children to socialize with us. It is good to get to know the family of our Brothers. A few months ago at dinner I got to meet GB’s gorgeous and vivacious daughters. I know the name of every member’s partner, do you ?

Wealth, career, influence, status, education and a nice home or car might all be nice things. We’re always told health is the most important thing in life and no doubt to a large degree that’s true, but more than health or anything else I think what really matters is people. (I might say “Honour”; but that’s a different article).

“Brother” is an appellation bestowed upon all Freemasons, yet to be a true Brother we must be concerned with the welfare of our Brothers. We must give them our time. We must be interested in them. While are all entitled to the title “Brother” we need to take (often small inconsequential) action to earn this title.

Passing through our degrees and listening while others do, reflection and long contemplation might bring a an understanding of Freemasonry – but just remember this simple sentence;

In Lodge, we learn the lessons of Freemasonry, but it’s outside that gives us the greatest opportunity to practice them