Eons ago, we used to go to the Carringbush Hotel (Friendly Societies Hotel Menu)

(Written during the COVID-19 lock-down in June 2020).

The Carringbush Hotel has often been mentioned in Devotion News.

It is well known to Devotion Members that the Hotel in Abbotsford used to be called the Friendly Societies Hotel, with Freemasons and other Fraternities meeting there.

Some time ago, one of our valued readers sent me a copy of the menu below. Hopefully the February 2020 menu at the pub does not get as old as this one before we can return to the pub after a lodge meeting!

The cuisine (and cost!) is interesting. We can date it from the style, costs, pub name, and phone number.

Melbourne began using 8 digit phone number on 8 May 1995 (by adding a 9 in front), so the menu predates that. However we know that the pub was renamed from the Friendly Societies Hotel to Carringbush in 1984, so it is even earlier... but after decimal currency was introduced on 14 Feb 1966.

Can anyone date this menu correctly?

Friendly Societies Hotel Abbotsford Menu