Masonic Virtues - Masonic Attributes

Honesty - to show the Craft as it is, and how we wish it were.

Charity - to forgive those who speak out of malice or ignorance.

Strength - to refrain from being drawn into irrelevant arguments.

Temperance - to moderate the passions, and not rise to taunts.

Fidelity - to ever be mindful of our obligations.

Rectitude - to correct in ourselves what we see wrong in others.

Piety - to understand that our opinions are just that, opinions.

Tolerance - to know that others’ opinions are also just opinions.

Courtesy - to observe the rules of etiquette.

Equality - to appear neither condescending nor unduly humble.

Joy - to be happy, and communicate happiness.

From The Waller Mason Lodge #808 online Newsletter March 2012 Issue