Hints on using our web site

Having recently migrated our site, the below was written prior.

Our volunteer will work on making our user experience better over the coming months, just like he has done since 2006 :)

Hints on using our web site

Lodge Devotion’s web site has grown large and is added to every month.

Our web site has more than 500 pages, many of which are articles that have appeared in our Lodge Newsletter. Some pages have also been specially written for our web site.

Most of our editorial content is under “Devotion Newsletter Content” and is split up into several logical sections, reflecting regular content and themes in our Lodge Newsletter.

Below at the bottom of this page there is a full listing of our pages or you can access a site map here and the headings are logically organized.

Freemasonry Victoria” covers Grand Lodge and related items. “Gipps Street Abbotsford” covers articles and information on our building and headings similarly guide users to content.

If you are looking for something specific – we suggest you use the search box in the web site’s header section on the top right of this page.

We have also created several sidebar directories to the left of the page which appear in each page of our web site. Recently, to header pages of subsections, we have also added a map of the sub-pages of those sections.

Major sections in the web site include;

Welcome to our web site and feel free to contact us.

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