Freemasons Victoria's Social Media Policy

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From the Official Policies of United Grand Lodge Victoria

Social media channels like Facebook present fantastic opportunities for the advancement of Freemasonry. They continue to be an enabler of regular interaction between members, offering increased opportunities for networking and allowing Brethren to get to know each other in a far more personable way than ever before.

Freemasons Victoria is extremely excited about the opportunities that exist through online communication and reminds members that our online personalities should reflect our core values, at all times. Behaviour in Masonic social media settings should reflect membership in the Craft and mirror expected behaviour at a Masonic social occasion.

In keeping with this approach, the actions of a Brother on the various social media outlets should:

• reflect the highest standards of morality and integrity that a Brother would practise within the Lodge;

• present a positive image of his membership in Freemasonry to the world;

• be consistent with the fact that a Brother's postings are a permanent record with the potential to influence the public at large with a positive or a negative opinion about a Brother personally and also about the organisations to which he belongs;

• avoid making public the business of a Lodge and what is discussed within tyled doors;

• avoid discussion related to the application, background, investigation or ballot of an applicant;

• not identify any Freemason as a member of the Craft unless he has provided his consent, or has already identified himself as such;

Brethren are reminded that photography, or any other form of electronic recording, is not permitted in the Lodge Room when the Lodge is Open.

Further, any grievances that may arise out of the use of social media should be addressed responsibly and with decorum. Using social media, let us showcase to our friends and families our Masonic principles. Let us always remember to adhere to the degree obligations we swore to uphold. After all, we are Freemasons - online and offline.

This policy was developed with thanks to Freemasons SA & NT.