Don’s Diary

More often than not you will find me in my overalls and I recommend them to anyone who is inclined to develop a masonic waist line. They are immensely practical and stay up without the need for a belt or braces. One can wear all or nothing underneath and don a woollen pullover if it is cold. Washing does not need special care and touch – they are indestructible. No ironing is required. Blundstone work boots are an essential accessory.

For the fashion conscious one can buy them in blue, grey and khaki. This fashion statement always receives comment by the café latté set. My preferred dress, never the less, is practical in pursuits of my domestic responsibilities about which many of my readers will be familiar and supportive. My follies: let me mention my follies except classic cars with which I will deal with another day.

Music, things mechanical, electronic and fine arts are in my DNA. I am interested in man’s finest achievements in these fields. So we have spent our children’s inheritance, so to speak, and furnished our Victorian home with early Victorian and French period furniture particularly Louis XVI style and earlier – yes, a folly to some. But we find the ambiance very agreeable and so do our guests I believe. (My unpleasant recent experience as an Executor made me decide to sort out our estate now. The auction houses did not want to know about all of the usual stuff nor did the op. shops. So the tip fees were high! I decided my mess was my responsibility.)

We have clocks: an English long case clock c1822, a German regulator c1890, and three French mantel clocks from 1860. My friend, Rod Highgate, who I would recommend to anyone interested in antique clock repair and restoration, is also a very highly qualified musician, a pianist and clarinettist. http://www.antiquesplus.com.au/index.cfm/dealer/1769-antique-clock-warehouse/items/category/86-horology He asked me if his friend, Ms Yiyun Gu (Yvonne) a lovely young Chinese lady could play our precious Steinway grand – of course we said yes. She was trained in China as a classical concert pianist who was trained from a very early age and has a Masters degree in Music from Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (also has a Master’s in Commerce!). We were delighted and highly honoured. She played a Chopin Nocturne and Sonata by Beethoven. What a great talent, and what a memorable afternoon! She said it had a particularly light touch. I recommend her to play at any Lodge for special functions. The quality of the piano could be a limitation.

http://www.yiyungupianist.com and email yiyungu5 @ gmail.com

We need to be happy and communicate happiness to others. But you need to work on it with like minded family members, friends and associates. I recommend that you put out of you mind any bogans you encounter. Life is too short to concern yourself with them. I exhort you to discover, explore and enjoy the finer things in life, don’t take yourself too seriously and also to be practical: remember the overalls.

Yours fraternally ,.