Gipps St January Working Bee 2012 02

In January 2011 three Devotion members worked around Gipps St tidying up and painting out graffiti. In January 2012 more than 10 members of Devotion turned up to clean, polish and paint.

Lots of odd jobs got done and made a big difference to the Centre. Rags and polish were taken to the timber and metal in the lodge room and staircase. Paint was applied to metal work outside, but more importantly to water damage directly outside the lodge room. After roof repairs in early 2011, the wall was truly dried out but the damage unsightly.

Bro Drew led the charge to organize this years working bee, providing lunch and buying materials.

Drew said he just got sick of looking at the damaged wall and wanted to do something about it, saying it created a bad impression, especially on candidates.

After consulting with the Committee of Management and gaining their approval for the works and to purchase materials, Drew got on the phone and started calling Devotion members. He didn’t get the chance to contact everyone – but the response was strong.

It is great to see Freemasons donate some of their time to tidy the Collingwood Masonic Centre, and it is a great example how one motivated person willing to put some time in can be the spark for change.

Drew is to be commended on organizing this initiative. On three subsequent evenings he returned with Damien and Craig in the final push which competed the job.

Oh, and did I mention he was a Fellowcraft back in January? Goes to show effective leadership came be shown from all levels of a lodge. Well done Drew!

Before and After



Thanks to those who were able to attend the working bee.

Blake EA Craig JD

Damien IPM Don PM

Yvonne Borris JW

Andrew WM Asira

Nick Chaplain Drew FC

Stavro EA

Apologies if I miss anyone, and special thanks to Yvonne for preparing lunch for us. Also worth noting that many people were away while time did not allow Drew to call the entire lodge, I am sure many more would have come if they has known, but also 10 people were enough to get much work done