Master's Message - Grand Master Visits Lodge Devotion, Feb 2014

What a great and memorable February meeting with the Most Worshipful Grand Master Bob Jones accepting our invitation to enjoy a night with us.

It was an important and relaxed evening which will be long remember, not just in the collective consciousness of Devotion, but also by individual members, especially the Master Masons who were presented MM Certificates by none other than the MWGM himself.

The Lodge, with support of the Grand Master, made and important investment that night – in our future – in the Master Masons who will be our leaders, many of whom are now making immense contributions to the harmony and operation of our Lodge, and the Collingwood Masonic Centre. We always need to be vigilant to ensure our future strength.

There was the odd hiccup in the night, rarely in life is anything perfect, but importantly our guests had no idea that we were a few chairs short, aspiring to be impeccable hosts, we just dealt with it. Well done and that’s a mark of graciousness and hospitality. The one unhideable disappointment was for our Master; he had a day procedure and recovered well, but not quite in time to make the meeting on the same day. However I was grateful he bestowed the honour on me of receiving the MWGM on his and the Lodge’s behalf (not too many Masters get to receive the GM twice in their year!)

Thanks and congratulations to WBro Todd on delivering the charge on the MM Certificates. His first time doing so, you would never know and it’s great to have such a Master Ritualist at Devotion.

Thanks and congratulations to WBro Andy for arranging for the MM Certificates from Grand Lodge.

Thanks to Boris - he took some great photographs that night and it was good we paused to take a group photograph for posterity.

Thanks and congratulations to the whole Lodge on their conduct and warm hospitality given at our last meeting.

Thanks to all our visitors who helped make the night a success, including Nic who sang the Tyler’s toast.

And Lastly, thanks to the MWGM Bob Jones for visiting us and congratulations on leaving a strong, positive and lasting impression on the members of Lodge Devotion !



WM Lodge Evolution 931

Acting WM 723 at our February meeting