Vivat ! Vivat ! Vivat !

Wikipedia says Vive, Viva and Vivat are interjections used in the Romance languages. Vive in French, Viva in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, and Vivat in Latin and Romanian are all forms of the verb "to live"

Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry explains that "Vivat! vivat! vivat!" is the acclamation which accompanies the honors in the French Rite...."the Cry of joy of Freemasons of the French Rite." The Latin Vivat signifies, "May he live". Boiste (Dictionnaire Universel) defines it as "a Cry of applause which expresses the wish for the preservation of anyone " The French Freemasons say, "he was received with the triple vivat," to denote that "He was received with the highest honors of the lodge."