The Frank Deveney Perpetual IPM Jewel

Lodge Resolution

The Frank Deveney Perpetual IPM’s Jewel will be presented to the IPM on the night of Installation. The IPM may wear this Jewel while in that office and must return it to the Lodge for presentation to his successor. The Frank Deveney Perpetual Jewel shall always remain the property of Lodge Devotion 723.

In Sept 2011 via our Newsletter; Bro Andy McKay asked "Does anyone know anything about WBro Frank Deveney, PJGD ???

From Andy of Lodge Devotion

At Lodge Devotion, on installation night, we present the out-going Master with our perpetual IPM’s jewel to wear while in the office of IPM

The practice was established as a memorial to Worshipful Brother F A (Frank) Deveney PJGD.

Frank was master of Lodge Devotion twice, but was best known as a long serving Lecture Master of the Abbotsford Lodge of Instruction.

At the time of his death in March 1982 (I think) he was also Lodge Devotion’s tyler.

It is sad that I can recount so little about a man who had a lasting impact on our lodge.


Andy McKay


Subsequent to the above, we accessed files at UGLV and inspected several key documents to the formation of Lodge Devotion.

In the Petition for Warrant, Frank Deveney's name appears. "Frank" has been crossed out and in pencil, Francis Arthur written, hence we know "FA Deveney" stand for Francis Arthur Deveney who was listed as living at 11 Bryant Street, West Preston, aged 41 (we presume the documentation is circa 1951) and his profession was "monumental mason". This appears in the typed list which would have accompanied the application for the warrant. In the application form itself of July 1951, Frank signed, as a Master Mason listing his lodge as Thespian 232 (UGLV), which handed their warrant back in 2008.

In February 2018, the son of VWBro Alex Stonehouse was able to supply a photograph of WBro Fank Deveney - shown below and suspected as being taken on 28 August 1968 but certainly taken at the Collingwood Masonic Centre.

Further down this page is a picture of WBro Francis Arthur Deveney PGStdB.

“Frank” ran a Sunday Deacon School attended by older members such as Andy McKay, Norm and many others including Richard Stonehouse. Frank was widely known as Lecture Master of the Abbotsford Lodge of Instruction, however we know little more of him.

Frank Deveney Masonic Jewel

The original inscription reads

Presented to Wor Bro


By the members

As a

Token of esteam (Ed note - "esteam" is used not "esteem" )

WM 1959-1960

& 1974-75

There are also two plates on the rear.

The first says

Presented to Lodge Devotion 723





The top and most recent says




Frank Deveny was a Member of City of Melbourne Chapter No. 9. The above documents gives us more detail on Frank, including he was Initiated into Lodge No 538 on 15 January 1948. (Lodge Devotion has not yet been founded and Frank was a Foundation member of Lodge Devotion).

Francis Arthur Frank Deveney Freemason


Frank Deveney at the Collingwood Masonic Centre

Suspected as being taken on 28 August 1968 but certainly taken at the Collingwood Masonic Centre.

If you know anything more about WBro Frank, or can recall anecdotes in which he was involved, could you please relate them to the webmaster so that I can build a more fitting record of a man, a great Freemason, who had such a lasting impact on our lodge.