Isolation Opening Ritual

Thanks to Bro GB for supplying the below

Situation of the Tyler?

Outside the door of the lodge.

His duty?

Armed with a two meter sword to see off all coughers.

Situation of the Inner Guard?

Within the entrance.

His duty?

To admit the uninfected on proof, receive the candidates duly masked and obey commands of the Junior Doctor.

Situation of the Junior Deacon?

Two meters away from the SW.

His duty?

To carry all soap of the WM from the SW to the JW, and see their hands are punctually cleaned.

‪The situation of the Senior Deacon?

Two meters to the right of the WM.

His duty?

To bear the soap of the WM to the SW and await the hand washing of the JD.

Bro JW - your place in the Lodge?

The South.

Why are you there?

To mark the position of the soap. To call Brethren from soap to sink, and sink to towel, that clean hands are the result

Bro SW, your place in the lodge?

The West.

Why are you there?

To ensure that brethren are masked, tested, and regularly clean the lodge by the command of the WM, having seen that everyone remains exactly two meters apart from each other.

Bro IPM, the WM place.

The East.

Why are you there?

As the virus sprung from the East, leading us to isolation, so the WM is placed there to make sure all vulnerable masons are duly shielded, commanding them to remain at home, protect our temples and save lives.

Brethren, the isolation lodge being duly sanitized, let us, remain two meters apart, duly isolated and wait for a vaccine to arrive.

So mote it be.