The Blue Lounge Social Club (BLSC) – Overview

The Blue Lounge Social Club (BLSC) is an initiative to allow Freemasons between the ages of 18-55 to come together with friends and family in a social setting where they can enjoy each other's company. They actively support club members by attending ceremonies and helping Freemasons with degree work and with any questions about Freemasonry that may arise. The BLSC “is a social club that exists for the recruitment, retention, education and support of young Freemasons and we are so proud to see our initiative grow and inject more new energy into our fraternity.” The genesis of the Blue Lounge started some years ago with a small group of young Freemasons informally meeting at the Brunswick Masonic Centre. The success led to the formation of a Club which now has several districts including North, Central, Monash and Bayside in Melbourne – and has now (Oct 2016) gone regional “The Blue Lounge Social Club was proud to launch its newest club in the Greater Gippsland Region lead by the inspirational Bro Simon Reynolds as its Regional President.” The launch was a huge success with over 40 young Freemasons from all around the Greater Gippsland Region making the effort to network and enjoy a fantastic night of Freemasonry and fun.

Our own WM, WBro Jordan M hosted those from Melbourne at his home away from home in Traralgon for a weekend jam packed with enjoyable activities from bushwalks, to off-road driving, archery, darts, relaxation, poker tournament and plenty of bonding and fun. WM Jordan has been appointed the official BLSC Liaison for the Central District and Bro Sashi S, who has helped us at every Open House at Gipps Street, has been appointed the official BLSC liaison for Monash. Feel free to contact them or check the BLSC Facebook page for other appointees and contacts.

Supported by Grand Lodge Victoria, nonetheless the Club is an independent organisation and my bet is within the next few years we will see it used as a model both interstate and internationally.

Well done to the organisers and every success in your fraternal efforts to make being a Freemason a more social and educational experience.