Victorian Naval and Military Lodge # 49 UGLV - Shiny Jewels

Victorian Naval and Military Lodge is one of the oldest in the Constitution having been founded in 1865 & recently celebrated its 150th Anniversary. (For the record, the lodge first met in 1865 but did not obtain its warrant until 1866 on the 24th June that year). Yes, there some older lodges meeting in Victoria, but few here in Melbourne, many of the others are spread in country areas – long may they all carry their warrants into the future.

The Lodge has a proud history and its name often appeared in newspapers such as the Argus and Age reflecting the past profile and importance of the lodge; an importance some seem to forget and which we should all support to promote… Lacking the focus of the “Army” Lodge (founded in 1929) that has access and good contacts with a stable Army Reserve to draw candidates from, Victorian Naval and Military (VNML) lodge embraces all branches of the military and no doubt would have Air Force in its name; had such a thing existed in 1865! However, you do not have to have served in the Military to join the Lodge.

The VNML has an incredibly rich history, with VC winners and men like Pompy Elliot having been members of it. It’s shiny gems are not just the images on this page, but also dedicated members like John M and Barry B and the many others who volunteered their time over the recent Open Houses weekend at Collingwood Masonic Centre. More than just a Craft Lodge, the Victorian Naval and Military Group of lodges incorporate the Victorian Naval and Military Craft, Mark, Ark and Ram Lodges making it a one-stop-shop to enter Freemasonry and advance in some of its appendant orders. I think we are very lucky to have them at Collingwood.

During Open Houses, the Lodge displayed biographical information, its banners and loaned us some very valuable (and beautiful) Masonic Regalia. A friendly lodge, with my interest in military history, it would have been just the sort of lodge which I would have looked at when joining Freemasonry.

Special thanks to all the Members of Victorian Naval and Military for their assistance at OHM 2016!

Above; a silver emblem on a collar from the lodge.

Above The Collarette Jewel of the Master of Victorian Naval and Military Lodge

Above; Victorian Naval and Military Lodge’s perpetual Past Master’s Jewel.

Note, these historic items are not kept at Gipps St but securely in an undisclosed location.

Victorian Naval and Military Lodge; Lodge Song