Rough Alshar Returned - with thanks!

From Damien of Devotion

On the last Sunday in May (2016) at a lodge rehearsal, I noticed that the Rough Ashlar on the Junior Warden’s pedestal had been swapped for another. Three separate searches were conducted without luck. I was very upset to see this lost, it’s part of the heritage many have worked hard to preserve at Gipps Street.

Many might say, “what’s the big deal?”, symbolism aside, we are only talking about a small piece of stone. However, most will not realise that our Rough and Smooth Ashlars on the SW and JW pedestals are actually a pair, turn them over and you will see. Both were presented on 30 October 1939 by Lodge Literature to the Collingwood United Temple Trust. This pair has sat on the wardens’ pedestals for some 77 years.

Much of the furniture in the Gipps Street Lodge room carries plaques from generous Brothers and Families of Brothers who donated items like furniture to the “CUMTT”. This is the “Collingwood United Masonic Temple Trust”, reflected in the name above the door, but in 1990 we moved from a Trust to the more appropriated and manageable “Collingwood Masonic Centre Incorporated”. Our short term goal is to see the Centre turn 100, our long term goal, to see it turn 200! Thank you so much to the unknown Brother who located and returned the missing Ashlar to its spot, may it sit there from generation to generation.

When you get the time, do check out the plaques in the lodge room. You will find that it’s not just brothers who supported the centre with donations; two important items were presented by ladies of Lodges;

Our Rough Ashlar

The returned Ashlar, on its base it bears a plaque with the inscription;

Presented to Collingwood United Temple Trust by Lodge Literature No 536 30-10-1939

· VSL Cushion: Presented by Miss M.A. Grant to CUMTT Nov 1929

· DC Chair: Presented by Mrs. Cope in memory of Bro D Cope No 102

There is a full listing of the plaques at Gipps Street at this url