Mens’ Health - Man up – with cream...

From WBro John of Devotion, PM

I think it was about 1984 I had my first cancer cut out, leaving an inch deep hole in my back. No idea why, but I had been a beach boy since the age of 3. Later that year I had an ulcer probably coming from a scrape getting out of a boat in Honiara. Two months of increasing antibiotics didn't touch it.

And two days before my next diving trip to the Solomons my daughter-in-law, a Homeopathist, pulled out some St John's Wort out of the garden, steamed it, whacked it on the ulcer, and next morning it was skinning over clean.

Like most blokes, since the age of four I have been indestructible. I avoided sunscreen, let alone all the other creams that 'girls' lather themselves with.

I have been land-bound for the past 10 months, doing gardening, fencing, whipper-snipping et al. Come home, sit down with a beer, only to soon find the dog soon licking various parts of my extremities. Look down and find he is cleaning up a rivulet of blood from some scratch or bit of missing skin from a wound I didn't know I had.

Your skin gets less elastic with age, so what? But you can do something about it. I found that Pawpaw ointment on the face and forehead, and over the two holes where two other cancers had been cut out, has improved my complexion, getting rid of bumps and slowing down other cancers.

But there's more! I've been using 'skin cream' on my arms, hands. And lower legs for the past three months, which seems to have made my skin more elastic and less susceptible to damage.

I feel a bit silly still, but I will keep on doing it, despite depriving the dog.