Master's Message - The Quiet Brother, May 2019

Brethren, it is with great pleasure that I write this message; I have just received confirmation that our application to the Freemasons Foundation has been approved. Along with the donation from our Lodge we are able to give $6,000 to the Collingwood Neighbourhood House. I know this donation will be gratefully received and put to use supporting the work within the community that the Collingwood Neighbourhood House undertakes.

We are in the midst of a federal election campaign, and although politics is one of the few topics we don’t discuss within a lodge we do have to be aware of the politics of a lodge. Each member brings something different, they’re beliefs and biases add to the fabric of a lodge, but we have to be careful to ensure each member has his due, and that those who are the most vocal don’t always steer the agenda or have the most influence, for it can be the quiet Brother who has the best ideas and may only need a little encouragement to express his wants. So next time you are at a lodge meeting make a point to look around and seek the input of that quiet Brother, see what he seeks and ensure your lodge is representative of all its members and not just those who are the most vocal.


WBro Stuart

WM Lodge Devotion 723,

WM 2018-2019