Master's Message - The Worry Tree, Christmas Message Dec 2011

From Andrew, WM Lodge Devotion, 2011-2012

I heard a story about an elderly gentleman who was seen to kiss a tree in his front yard each evening and morning. When quizzed about this odd behaviour he said that was his ‘worry tree’.

Each evening when he got home from work, he left his worries with the tree for safe keeping until the next day. He felt that his family shouldn’t have to suffer from any of his work worries. The Tree would surely be a better place to guard the worries and he could simply kiss the tree again in the morning and pick up his worries again ready to be tackled again the next day.

He finally leaned over, and said quietly, ‘The funny thing is, there never seems to be as many worries left in the morning’.

As we are coming into the Festive Season, we will be having a break from Freemasonry, and from work for most of us. During the course of the year, we have each journeyed through many trials and tribulations, which take a toll on ourselves, our families and our friends. Our bank of ‘worries’ builds steadily and we are left with a jumble, which can get quite daunting.

The summer break is a time to move away from these worries and focus on the important. Our health, and our families and friends.

So Brethren, please relax and enjoy the break.


Kiss the Worry Tree!

Recharge your batteries.

Enjoy your time with family and friends.

& Keep Safe!

Lodge Devotion will still be here next year. We have a big year planned, with many candidates, a number of charity events, as well as a few special social events which I hope that you will all enjoy.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you all, and have a happy, healthy and safe New Year.

Andrew, WM