1889 A.D. The Articles of Union of The United Grand Lodge of Victoria








Freemasonry was first established in this Colony in the year 1840 by the Lodge of Australia Felix, No. 697 (now 474), English Constitution. It was followed in 1843 by the Australasian Kilwinning Lodge, No. 337, under the Scottish Constitution. And in 1847 the Australia Felix Lodge of Hiram, No. 349, was opened under the Irish Constitution.

The Provincial (now District) Grand Lodge of Scotland was opened in the year 1852, and has now working under its jurisdiction thirteen Lodges. The Provincial (now District) Grand Lodge of England was opened in the year 1857, and has now 102 Lodges working. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Ireland was opened in 1856, and has now sixteen Lodges working; and in the year 1883, Grand Lodge of Victoria was established, and has now working under its jurisdiction eighteen Lodges.

It is expedient in the best interests of Freemasonry, and for the better ordering of the Craft in this Colony, that there should be full, perfect, and perpetual union, and uniformity of obligation and discipline among the members thereof, at present divided into and working under the above four separate and distinct Constitutions, so that in all time to come they shall form and constitute but one Brotherhood and be represented in one Grand Lodge.

In conformity, therefore, with the Basis of Union adopted and confirmed by the representatives of the said four Constitutions, it is Hereby Agreed-

Article 1. — That the Masters, Past Masters, and Wardens of Lodges, under the above Constitutions, having been summoned, attend a meeting on the 20th day of March next, at the Freemasons’ Hall, Collins Street, Melbourne, and form themselves into a Grand Lodge to be styled “The United Grand Lodge of Antient, Free and Accepted Masons of Victoria”, and proceed then and there to elect some distinguished Brother to be the Grand Master of the said United Grand Lodge.

Article 2. — That the United Grand Lodge adopt the Book of Constitutions and Mode of Procedure of Grand Lodge of England, as far as the same may be applicable, until otherwise decided.

Article 3. — That the Lodges shall be registered and rank in precedence according to the dates of the Warrants they at present hold under their respective Constitutions; and where two Lodges have adopted the same name, the older Lodge shall have the right to retain the name.

Article 4. — That whatever rank any Brother at present holds or has held under any of the four Constitutions shall be confirmed; and that relative Past Grand rank be conferred on all Grand, District or Provincial Grand Lodge Officers, present or past, provided they be subscribing members of some Lodge in Victoria which shall have tendered its allegiance to the United Grand Lodge of Victoria at the period of its formation.

Article 5. — That Warrants under the Seal of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria be prepared for those Lodges that within six months have declared their allegiance to the said United Grand Lodge.

Freemasons’ Hall,

Melbourne, 14th January, 1889