Master's Message - Fortieth Birthday

Brethren, at our last meeting, with the help of Brothers from Brunswick United Lodge, we had the privilege of guiding two men through the Second Degree in Freemasonry, a Degree that can be linked to the middle age of man.

As I write this message it is a mere four weeks until my 40th birthday, a mile stone in the eyes of many. It’s a time of year that gives chance to take stock of life, reflect on accomplishments and acknowledge shortcomings. It is the hope of all men to be better than what they where twelve months previously, and to look towards the forthcoming twelve months and set a path towards further successes. As a modern man it can be challenging to know your place in the world, your role within family, work and within the community, but these challenges met head on with a positive, inquisitive, humble attitude can lead to a broadening of your ideas, a changing of attitudes and ultimately an improvement in yourself.

To start making good men better, we first need to make ourselves better.


WBro Stuart

WM Lodge Devotion 723, 2018-19