The Tartan of The Prince Charles Edward Stuart Lodge No 1745 UGLNSW&ACT

From WBro Damien of Devotion

with help from WBro David of Lodge of Good Companions #647 and Lodge PCES #1745

WBro David of Good Companions No 647 UGLV (meeting on 3rd Mon, 7:30pm at Mt Waverley) is a reader of Devotion News and has noted our members’ interest in things Tartan and let me know there is a Lodge in NSW who also wear Tartan Aprons. Prince Charles Edward Stuart Lodge No 1745 is that lodge and it was consecrated by the MWGM of NSW & ACT, MWBro James Melville, in August 2016. Bro David is a Foundation Member of this lodge.

This new Craft Lodge was born in an appendant body. Prince Charles Edward Stuart Sovereign Chapter of AASR celebrates Scottish culture in a "fraternal and convivial atmosphere... anchored in Scottish history and culture." That was something the founders wanted to see in a Craft Lodge, so they started a Craft Lodge with the same name.

The Lodge is named after Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart (31 December 1720 – 31 January 1788), commonly known as Charles Stuart and in Britain during his lifetime as The Young Pretender and The Young Chevalier, and often known in retrospective accounts as Bonnie Prince Charlie. He lead the Jacobite Rebellion to restore his family to the English Throne and Jacobitism often is mentioned in the history Western European Freemasonry. I suggest the Lodge Number has been specially selected, 1745 A.D. was a year full of hope for Bonnie Prince Charles, when the Second Jacobite Rebellion started, known as “The ‘45”. It was a good year for Charles. On 21 September 1745, he defeated the only government army in Scotland at the Battle of Prestonpans. Despite other successes, notably in the Battle of Falkirk Muir, the 16 April 1746 saw the disastrous Battle of Culloden and the following repression which has, like the battle itself, entered into infamous history.

Above and beolw; Bro David's apron from Prince Edward Charles Stuart Lodge No 1745 UGLNSW&ACT