Master's Message - The Strength of Lodge Devotion & Lodges under threat, July 2012

From Andrew, WM Lodge Devotion 723

When I was made Master of Lodge Devotion, I mentioned to you all that I saw the greatest strength of Lodge Devotion was that it did not rely on a single member at its core. I had seen many other lodges that focused around one, normally energetic & enthusiastic member. The other members of those lodges learnt to rely on that single person to such an extent that nobody else was capable of stepping up to the mark when needed. Such lodges are under a higher threat of failure than those who have a team leading.

Lodge Devotion on the other hand had then, & has now, many members, who are all able and willing to pull their weight.

After three months as Master, I found myself in a position where I had difficulty fulfilling all of my duties as Master. What I found was that other members of the Lodge, immediately supported me with administration, organisation of events, working bees, rehearsals, and at times; crisis management. Some members helped me with counselling on Lodge issues, some with personal counselling, and with moral and emotional support. These members varied in age from young to not so young & they varied in masonic experience from EAs to very senior PMs.

When I look back on my year as Master, I saw my own words proven back to me in many ways. Lodge Devotion has grown in membership, we have had a number of joining members, six or eight new EAs, along with a number of new FC and MMs. Quite a few of you have learnt new charges; some learnt your first charge.

I would like to congratulate you all on your efforts and success throughout my year as your Master, and thank you all for your huge support to both me & to the Lodge.

I now leave our Lodge in the very capable hands of Master Elect, Bro Aret. I offer Aret my full support, and hope that his year is most enjoyable and rewarding!

Andrew, WM