Sitting in Lodge

I was recently notified I am to get my 50 year pin from my Blue Lodge in Pennsylvania. I am also sorry to say I have never been able to sit in my home Lodge since I was raised a Master Mason. I have never been able to be in my home town when the Lodge was not dark. I did get to go back in 1965 and go into the Scottish Rite and had the good fortune of representing the class for the 32nd degree. I have visited Lodges from Taiwan to Florida but never got to sit in my own Blue Lodge.

I went on to become a Shriner in 1987 and went on to become Potentate of Egypt Shrine in 2004 but still have not been able to sit in my own Lodge. I have never forgotten the obligation I took so many years ago. That was something that has guided me my whole life especially during my 20 plus years in the military. They say being a Mason will make a good man a better man and it surely has for me. It was an experience I will never forget.

(Name Withheld by Request)

Tampa, Florida, USA

Thanks to Brother Tim Bryce

for permission to reproduce this story.

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