Memorial Wall - Zetland Masonic Lodge No 25, UGLV

From WBro Brian Ward PM


Anglican, Uniting, Catholic, & Baptist unite with GM to Dedicate a Masonic Memorial Wall.


A special service was held in Piper Street Kyneton at Zetland Masonic Lodge on Saturday 13th August 2011 to bless and dedicate a memorial garden and wall installed in memory of deceased brethren.


The idea for a ‘Memorial Wall & Garden’ was first proposed by Rob Hamilton the Lodge Master at the time, at a meeting to discuss the coming ‘150 Anniversary of Zetland Masonic Lodge’ that was held on the 23rd May, 2009.


After much discussion it was decided to have a re-consecration for our celebration which proved to be a great success.


Some of us older members being desirous of being immortalised by a plaque on the wall and having selected the brick and position of our proposed plaque, persisted with the idea and it eventually came to pass.


A large sheet of stainless steel was obtained and a replica of the ‘150th year jewel’ was laser cut approximately 1 meter in diameter, duly painted in the correct colours and mounted on the eastern wall


The next decision was; with what year will we commence?


It was decided to start at the year 2000. There were 6 brethren who have passed to the Grand Lodge above since the year 2000, Stan Martine, David Jenner, Geoff Bird, Bill Todd, Bob Weston and Bryan Cohen and each have a permanent place on our wall and most importantly in our hearts.


The ceremony was carried out by Bishop Andrew Curnow, the Bishop of Bendigo assisted by Archdeacon Tony White P.J.G.D. (Athenaeum-University Lodge 171) and the Grand Master M.Wor. Bro. Vaughan Werner.


The ceremony was witnessed by a very large crowd of masons, their wives and members of the public and a number of visiting local clergy and councillors.


After the ceremony of the Memorial Wall the Official Party and visitors inspected Zetland Lodge new library named after a prominent Freemason, Graham Love.


An old unused room at the lodge has been transformed into a very useful library. All the shelving was produced from very old bench stools that had been stored away and was most likely going to be used for firewood. Rob Hamilton, using his carpentry skills converted them to quite attractive and functional shelves which are in keeping with the heritage look of the room. All electrical fittings were changed to ‘Period style’ and the lodge is most grateful for the contribution of a number of Masons and lodges who have supplied a great quantity of books and magazines.


At the conclusion of the formal part of the ceremony everyone was invited to a traditional High Tea organised by the Zetland Ladies Social Group.


While the afternoon tea was being enjoyed David Bagley from the Bendigo Speakers Panel conducted the 100th meeting of the panel and gave a very interesting talk about the panel and its activities. At the conclusion of his talk he presented to Wor. Bro. Bruce Baud a certificate acknowledging Bruce’s involvement in the Bendigo Speakers Panel since its inception.


And a wonderful afternoon was concluded in “Peace Love & Harmony”