Masonic Buildings - Abandoned Masonic Temple

Special thanks to Bro Jerry from Texas for making me aware of this link.

Bro Jerry sent me an email with the subject “Abandoned Masonic Hall...A must look at. What a shame” It was indeed worth a look.

Some special photos were taken by a movie location scout from New York. He was sent to scout around Tappan, New York, a beautiful hamlet just over the New Jersey border where he discovered this abandoned and decaying building.

He writes :After making some phone calls, I learned that this was once the German Masonic Home of Tappan, a place for “worthy decayed Masons, their widows, and orphans” – in other words, a home for members who could no longer care for themselves.

The German Masonic group continues to this day in Tappan, and a member graciously arranged for me to take a tour

The Home’s former grandeur is now dust covered and in decay. Despite this, it remains and outstanding example of a beautiful Masonic building. I wonder if there are some Brethren in NY who could salvage the building or save some if its elements such as it’s beautiful stain glass windows? Imagine it if could again be used for its original purpose?

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