Master's Message - 15 years of Masonic service denied ! July 2006

From Andy of Lodge Devotion (Master 2005-2006)

Other articles in this news letter will reflect on health, others on the pleasure of a joining member, the pleasure of an unexpected visitor and another on health.

So allow me to reflect.

Colin , I am delighted to say, has joined us officially and his contribution to Lodge Devotion has already been significant.

Brad visited us, a bit by accident. He has moved into the Collingwood area and wanted to establish Masonic connections in the area. It would be great if we are able to encourage him to join us officially. Can we keep him?

Early next year, I will have been a Freemason for 25 years but, 15 years earlier than the year of my initiation, I asked someone that I knew, if I could join the Craft. He said words to the effect, "Wait until next year, when I am Master....." He forgot. He denied me of 15 years of Masonic service!

So I ask myself, "Have I ever deprived anyone the honour, pleasure and responsibility of becoming a Freemason, through lack of vigilance and caring about the concerns and interests of others?"

Now on health. In my 24+ years with our Lodge, it must be stated that some of our brethren have left us to be with the Great Architect above. Of two of those who have left us, with whom I was closely involved, one had made a will and one had not. It required extra care and concern for the intestate brother, both for his family and for us.

My message - it is not an admission of mortality to make a will. If you haven't, please consider doing so - its like having a spare tyre for the car - just in case and its so much easier for everyone.

My thanks to everyone, both upstairs and in the South, because everyone contributed in their own special way.

My your God richly bless you all.