Suggested names needing further research

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Suggested names needing further research.

· Frederick Sanders ( -1950) Grand Secretary WAC

· Sir Robert Richard Torrens, KCMG (31 May 1814 – 31 August 1884), land titles law reformer was the 3rd Premier of South Australia and a pioneer and author of simplified system of transferring land.Author of the Real Property Act 1857 (‘the Torrens Act’), MLA MLC. Perhaps initiated South Australian Lodge of Friendship in 1854or, according to Kent Henderson, Lodge of Antiquity No 2 EC in London 24 Nov 1824 however at such date he was only 10 years old.

· WorBro John Jacob Crew Bradfield, born at Sandgate in 1867, was initiated into United Tradesman’s Lodge (Ipswich) in 1889. Bradfield was engineer responsible for the construction of both the Story Bridge and the Sydney Harbour Bridge along with numerous other engineering marvel

· David Munro 3rd Grand Master of Grand Lodge Victoria (GLV) 1888-89 Could it be this man ? David Munro (1844-1898), engineer, inventory, speculator and contractor. Died of alcoholism after financial failure and bankruptcy. If David Munro & Co, then there is an interesting link there

· Captain Frank Reid Tubb MC . Frank Tubb served in the 7th Battalion, being awarded a Military Cross in fighting around Pozieres in August 1916. See also P00735.014. (AWM) Brother of Frederick H Tubb, VC

· James Stuart [Stewart], Foundation Senior Warden at The Australian Social Lodge No. 260

· Brother Drummond as Senior Tyler

· Brother Hetherington as Junior Tyler

· Mathew (Matthew) Bacon (?-?) The Foundation Master NSW . Officer of the 48th [Northamptonshire] Regiment of Foot, Initiated under Irish travel warrant, No.218 Master Australian Social Lodge 260 IC, now named Lodge Antiquity No 1 under the UGLNSW&ACT. Might be (?-1825) who arrived Port Jackson aboard Surrey (or Surry) 28 July 1818, married Mary A. McDonald in 1821 at St. Philip’s Church, Sydney, partnered John Payne in Wellington Brewery. “Matthew Bacon late 73rd Regiment and Commissariat Department, died at his home in York Street, Sydney on 24 August 1825, aged 36 years.”

· Harry R Roberts (born Robertson also known as Henry R Roberts) (?-1924), Shakespearean Actor, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

· William John “Willie” Fennell aka “Phooey Fennell “ (1920-1992), actor and comedian, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

· James Thomas “Jim” Gussy (c1906-1990) musician & conductor ABC Dance Band Gussey St Moncrieff ACT is named for him, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

· Bobby Le Brun OAM (1910-1985), vaudeville comic, theatre owner, producer, dancer, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

· Leo “Lucky” Grills OAM ( 1928-2007) actor and comedian, played "Bluey Hills” in TV police drama Bluey, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

· Jimmy Haynes (Vaudeville Entertainer), Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

· Jimmy Parkinson, TV and Recording Personality, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

· Ted James (Entertainer & Agent), Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

· Doug Ashton OAM (1918/9-2011) & son Merv Ashton, both of Ashton’s Circus, oldest operating circus in Australia and Western World, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

· Charles Robert Montague Luke “Monte” Luke (1885-1962) renowned photographer, actor and director, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

· Bobby Wright (Actor), Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

· Bertram Leon Cohen aka Bert Le Blanc (1884-1974), Comedian and Producer Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW“Although now largely forgotten his influence…was as significant as Phillips and Rene, and indeed Le Blanc was readily accepted by his peers as belonging in the same class as other iconic Australia comedians such as George Wallace and Jim Gerald”

· Charles W. Wray (1922-2013) one of 328 survivors of sinking of HMAS Perth and one of the 218 captured sailors who survived being Japanese POW Initiated Mt. Gravatt Lodge No. 325 in 1946 after being impressed by POW Freemasons.

· Tasman Bradley or Bradley Tasman - Australian Circus Manager

· Robert James “Bob” Fitzsimmons aka “Ruby Robert” aka “Freckled Freak” (1863-1917), World Champion Boxer, blacksmith. Initiated 24 May 1910 in Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW, no record of his further degrees

· Paul Dalton (?-?) international Entertainer, illusionist Charlie Chaplain’s Tramp impersonator, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

· Norman White (c1887-1950) Thespian Lodge No. 268, UGLQ inaugural Master 10 Oct 1918, General Manager of Brisbane's Daily Mail His brother was Ray White, likely founder Ray White Real Estate (initials of brothers and place of birth all match White family originally from Tasmania Also Mr A J Boyd, staff member of Daily Mail

· Lieutenant Colonel Alan Townson (1951-), engineer, Grand Master Queensland. Initiated 1987 into Celtic of Ithaca Lodge, No 84

· Augustus Earle, artist, signed application for Warrant that would become Lodge of Australia 820 EC

· Francis Stacker Dutton CMG (1818-1877) 7th Premier of South Australia. Master Friendship Lodge SAdiscovered copper at Kapunda, MLA MLC

· Charles Francis Summers PJGD (1858-1945), sculptor (included in main list). (Son of famous sculptor and artist Charles H Summers, CH Summers needing more research, whose sculptures included the Freemasons Clarke, Redmond Barry plus statues of Queen Victoria and the famous city one of Burke and Wills. Not listed as a Freemason by UGLV but could have been UGLE ) C F Summers was also a noted sculptor, whose work is in the Ballarat gardens and Rotorua, amongst other locations, and later became our Librarian for many years at Collins Street. Member Metropolitan Lodge No 85 UGLV.

· John Gale (c1832-1929), journalist, founder Queanbeyan Age 1860, “Father of Canberra”