Tribute to True Love & My Wife Yvonne

Don’s Diary

Tribute to True Love & My Wife Yvonne

It is likely that you will only ever find one person with whom you will want to place your trust, your love, completely share your life and help create you successors; succession of the blood-line probably being the true purpose of life.

There are things that you will want to share with them that you have never told another person and they will listen without judgment and make it easy for you further bare your soul, forever holding those secrets in their heart and never to be repeated. You will want to share the same goals and aspirations but when your hopes are dashed and you are filled with disappointments there will only be consolation, enthusiasm and encouragement for the future. There will be excitement, however, when your goals have been realised. They will provide a balance between your hope and enthusiasm and always be understanding and strongly and be publically supportive if necessary. There will be a synergy in your relationship.

Any self-doubt will be countered by a realistic and balanced encouragement and appropriate suggestions on how to find a better way, to make the best use of your strengths and how to compensate for your weaknesses. There will be a shoulder to comfort you if there are tears in your eyes or if you have done something stupid but there will never be censure or criticism.

You will never want to hurt each other or cause any embarrassment especially in the presence of others. Life and achievements will never be a competition with jealousy or pressure between you both, but an opportunity in its journey to work constructively for your common good and the happiness of those near and dear to you. You will never take each other for granted but will treat each other with the utmost love and respect for who you are and what you do and think. You will give each other “space” to develop and grow, values, loyalty and trust obviating the perceived need for control.

The little things are important, the things that you do together, the mementos that you treasure, the happy times when you laugh together, mutual friends, your memorable meals and other special occasions. In your journey through life you will both want you make opportunities for your joint happiness. There will be no “mind games”. You both will be sensitive to the times when the other party is not ready to be told about or discuss a difficult issue when it arises. There will never be arguments about domestic responsibilities and things will just work because of your love and mutual support. Every day should begin with thoughts on how it can be made happy as if it is the last day of your life together.

I know that there can be love at first sight: there will be a chemistry that binds you from your first encounter throughout life and after death. You will be able to communicate your feeling without words but just with a touch, glance or merely being nearby. Only after death you will realise just how trivial some issues in life have been and you will dwell on the lost opportunities for happier, fuller life: whether you got the right balance between work and saving v. retirement and recreation

You with your life’s partner will have experienced a love and joy that you never dreamed possible in your youth. You will have lived a life with enormous strength in knowing you have had a true friend and a soul mate that remained loyal to the end. It will have made life seem completely different, exciting, fulfilling and worthwhile.

There are likely to be too many good memories which will forever be in your mind and your age will probably limit your desire and capability to seek, let alone find another person to share the remainder of your life. You will be lucky to find the one person with whom to share your life but it has to be the right person.

Yours fraternally,

Don Paterson