Chinese Masonic Antiquity

Lodge Devotion's Chinese Masonic Antiquity is a regular sight during the raffle at Devotion.

At most meetings, Lodges hold a special effort (raffle) to raise money for charity. Even when the takings are small each night - over 11 meetings a year, you will generally raise at least $1,000 in a small lodge. This is then donated to a charity.

One key in making some cash is not spending money on prizes and Freemasons being generous, they will normally give you around $5 for the privilege of winning some chewing gum. That said, throw in some good prizes on a special big night - and I've seen one lodge I am in raise almost $3k on a single night from its special effort for a member in distress.

One night, with nothing purchased or donated for the raffle, a hunt in the cupboards revealed a cup, plate and saucer. This was dubbed the "Chinese Masonic Antiquity" and is always returned to the lodge after it is won. People often pick it for the privilege of saying they have won it and we sometimes ham the raffle up - the Chinese Antiquity often has guards to make sure it is safe - being such a valuable artifact.

There is great debate at Devotion to the possibility of getting the Antiquity washed, but its "worth" is probably doubled by it's condition.

It's all a bit of fun. One day we will probably break it - and be sure it will get roughly reglued and continue to be raffled for many years to come!

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