Vale, WBro Kenneth Norman Nice PGStdB

30 Nov 1925 - 4 Oct 2012

Our greatly esteemed Friend and Brother WBro Kenneth Nice PGStdB, passed away at his home on Thursday 4 October at the age of 86.Ken’s funeral on Tuesday 8 October was strongly attended by members of Devotion and incorporated a Masonic Memorial Service.

Ken’s ties to Devotion were both Fraternal and of his Family. His son-in-law Don has shared some thoughts in Don’s Diary. Ken was a Past Master of Lodge of Renown No 270 which surrendered its Warrant in December 2003 and he found his Masonic home at Devotion where he supported his son-in-law and also a grandson through the Chair through four Masterships. However Ken’s warmth and friendship was extended to all members of Devotion and he enriched our lodge. I remember him regressing to have a beer “with my mate Damien” on several occasions putting aside his preferred white wine. Every Master at Devotion since Ken joined must feel a debt of gratitude towards Ken for his warmth and support. At his funeral and during his Eulogy, his grandson Bro David P recalled Ken’s love of Jazz and during his childhood sitting on his knee as Ken played the drums, cigarette in mouth and beer under his stool surrounded by Ken’s friends describing how he “closed that loop” at Bro Stephen P’s wedding, playing with Ken in the band

Ken was born in Footscray, Nov. 30, 1925, initiated into Freemasonry at Lodge of Renown, Aug. 1987 and joined Lodge Devotion Aug. 2004 after visiting us.

His War Time service saw him stationed in Australia. He told me he was keen to get overseas, but as he was a Radar Operator, he was deemed too valuable and his requests to transfer were refused. He was stationed in Western Australia giving early warning of Japanese Aircraft attacks. Darwin alone was attacked from the air 64 times. Ken laughed and dismissed the image shown in movies of a sweeping line moving around a point within a circle – that was late in the war. He explained his job was to watch a wavy line which gave altitude while other operators watched something similar which gave distance. Analysing the two in conjunction with direction and air speed gave operators a very good guess at the enemy’s destination. Following the War, he became an accountant and married Yvonne P.'s mother Marie, living with Don & Yvonne’s family in 1966/67 while Don was in South Vietnam. Ken nursed Marie with patience and love through her final illness. Later he found happiness with Peg, and Ken and Peg were often seen at Devotion’s events. They always brought fun & joy with them.

Our heart and sympathy goes out to the Nice and P Family and all who knew Ken, but particularly to Peggy. As Bro Eric P eloquently said at Ken’s funeral, he was a great example to all of us.

There is another article written by Don about Ken here

WBro Ken Nice

WBro Kenneth Norman Nice Freemason
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Ken Nice Freemason