School Tutoring

Ionic Coaching Service (details below) has relocated to Box Hill.

Phone Brian (President) on 9844 2938 or Bob (Secretary) on 9879 0047

Doric Coaching Service is in Werribee.

Phone Neil 0403 059 026 or Ted 0412 829 729

Ionic Coaching Service is a Victorian community based coaching service that's dedicated to helping all children improve performance in English and Mathematics.

Ionic helps children improve learning skills, gain confidence and overcome obstacles to their success.

The program covers students from year 6 to year 12 - regardless of background or circumstances, with classes conducted by fully qualified teachers in a small group format - a proven environment for success.

Study periods are usually an hour of Math and an hour of English per session for years 6 - 10. Special extended study periods in either subject can be arranged for years 11 - 12 students.

Tuition is scheduled between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings, so students can complete the extra tuition early - with a minimum of disruption to their weekend free time.